Method Used by Credit Card Fraudsters to Commit Credit Card Fraud


Credit card fraud is on the increase today despite effort being made to sensitive credit card users about such fraud. One wonders why these fraudsters are still succeeding. Does it mean that credit card users are careless with their credit cards? Why do these fraudsters still get access to their credit card details? The answer to these questions is partly because these criminals are becoming more sophisticated and they have developed multiple methods of perpetrating their evil deeds. Another reason why they do succeed is that a good number of credit card users are still ignorant of these means used by these criminals. Some are careless with the way they use their plastic cards. Some don’t even know that credit card fraud is real. Here , I am going to expose some of the tactics they employ in stealing the money of credit card users. To stay safe use BIN checker pro.


With skimming devices, it is possible for credit card criminals to obtain credit card details of a person without the person knowing what they are doing. The skimming devices are available in several types. There are portable ones that they can use to copy card details when their owners are not observant. There are other types that can be secretly attached to machines that accept credit cards such as ATMs or in some strategic places where these machines are kept. Sophisticated ones which feature video recorders for filming the PIN numbers are now available. When they get all these details, they will now replicate their victim’s credit cards and use them to make purchases or withdrawals.

Contactless card fraud

Improved technology has made these criminals to also improve their strategies. Today, there are skimming devices that do not need to have any contact with cards or the card users before obtaining the credit card details of a victim. With these devices, they can skim a card which is inside a wallet or pocket of the victim. Some of these contactless cards can read credit card details that are within the range of 80cm from where they are. The best way to avoid being a victim of such crime is to put your credit card in card holders made from metals like aluminum foil. These sophisticated machines for now cannot penetrate through metals.

Phishing, spoofing

This is one of the oldest methods used by credit card fraudster. They are still using it today even though many credit card owners have become aware of this strategy. They will send bulk unsolicited emails claiming to be credit card service provider. In the email, they will request for some important details of recipient cards giving plausible reasons why such data are needed. Delete any unsolicited emails. If you are not sure whether they are from your bank, contact your bank’s support to find out if they are the sender of the email.


This is also called courier scam. It is similar to phishing. The major difference is that the crime is committed via phone call.


Here, the fraudsters fake a bank’s website and email the link to unsuspecting credit card users. In the email they ask the recipients to provide some details of their credit card as in phishing.

Identity theft

Here, the fraudsters obtain details of the card of their victims and use them to make purchase without their authorization.

4 Financial Tools for Tracking Your Money


Nowadays, to achieve effective money management, it is important that business keep track of their budgets, credit cards, bills and other transactions. In this way, they will be able to control their spending. To achieve this purpose, you have to utilize online and mobile trackers. Here are some important financial tools that you can use for the tracking finance and bills.


As the name tells, this tool is designed to help users keep record of their bills. It will also keep you on alert when there are duplicate charges and other suspicious charges. The app also assist you to abide by retailer data privacy right by alerting you when you are at risk of a violation. Lastly, through it, you will be able to file dispute against suspicious charges.

Key Ring

Key Ring saves your loyalty card so that you don’t have to be carrying them about. With this app in your smartphone, you will still be able to make purchase at discounted price since you have the card stored in your phone.


This is a coupon app which reduces the burden of going about with clip paper coupon. With it installed in your phone, you will be able to save all the discounts retailer websites, Sunday circulars and others. You can get discounted price at the checkout by simply showing your smartphone as it is the case with Key Ring.


PriceGrabber is a good app for savvy shopper or bargain seeker. If you have it, you can search for the price of an item in various stores selling it. This will help you to purchase the product at the best price. If you like an item and you want to purchase it at the lowest price, It is also possible to establish a price alert on it via the app. In this way, you will know when there is a good bargain on it.

Mail SMTP Server and Reasons Why Your Business Should Use


Before explaining what SMTP is and the reasons why your business should use it, there is one important sentence that I will like you to always bear in mind and that is Good SMTP implies efficient email marketing! Having said this, I can now tell you what SMTP is, what it does and its benefits.

What is SMTP?

SMTP is an essential aspect of email transfer process. SMTP is an abbreviated form of simple mail transfer protocol. It is a protocol with which emails are sent from one server to another or from one person to another. In other words, it comes handy in the transmission and distribution of email via the net from the sender to the recipient. It is an application layer based protocol that makes the sending and receiving of emails possible. The process of transferring emails from one person to another is similar to the process of sending mail from one person to another through the conventional post office. The function of this protocol in email transfer process is the same with the function of  a postmaster in the movement of mails from the sender’s post office to the recipient’s post office. If you understand the function of a postmaster in the conventional postoffice, you will not have any problem understanding the function of SMTP as well as its importance. Having explained what this protocol is, it is now time to tell you its benefits to your business.

What are the benefits of SMTP service to a business?

Bulk or mass mails can be sent through a number of ways and SMTP is one of such ways. If you are using emails in the doing of your business or you are into email marketing, you will understand the importance of bulk or mass mails. If you don’t know about it, you can read up articles on that. But one point that I should make here is that among the various methods of sending bulk emails, SMTP server service is one of the most affordable. It is not just reliable but also highly reliable. Implementing this email technology will not take you much money. Another reason why you should go for this protocol instead of other ones is because it simplifies the email sending process and also makes it more effective.

The strongest selling point of simple mail transfer protocol is that it helps you to know the status of your email. When you send an email to another person, you will want to know whether or not it reaches to the recipient. If emails are not delivered for any reason, this protocol will alert you. With this feature, you can tell how effective your email marketing is as you will be able to keep track of the number of emails that scale through and the number of failure delivery that you have.

You can see that this protocol is very important. It is left for you to go for it. However, when choosing a SMTP server, there are some important factors to take into consideration as there are a number of SMTPs available today.

The essential factors are:

  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Easy setup
  • Features
  • Rates of delivery and stats