Nowadays, to achieve effective money management, it is important that business keep track of their budgets, credit cards, bills and other transactions. In this way, they will be able to control their spending. To achieve this purpose, you have to utilize online and mobile trackers. Here are some important financial tools that you can use for the tracking finance and bills.


As the name tells, this tool is designed to help users keep record of their bills. It will also keep you on alert when there are duplicate charges and other suspicious charges. The app also assist you to abide by retailer data privacy right by alerting you when you are at risk of a violation. Lastly, through it, you will be able to file dispute against suspicious charges.

Key Ring

Key Ring saves your loyalty card so that you don’t have to be carrying them about. With this app in your smartphone, you will still be able to make purchase at discounted price since you have the card stored in your phone.


This is a coupon app which reduces the burden of going about with clip paper coupon. With it installed in your phone, you will be able to save all the discounts retailer websites, Sunday circulars and others. You can get discounted price at the checkout by simply showing your smartphone as it is the case with Key Ring.


PriceGrabber is a good app for savvy shopper or bargain seeker. If you have it, you can search for the price of an item in various stores selling it. This will help you to purchase the product at the best price. If you like an item and you want to purchase it at the lowest price, It is also possible to establish a price alert on it via the app. In this way, you will know when there is a good bargain on it.